Clown Day for Bassetlaw Hospice

Today has been a fantastic day, everyone has dressed up and taken part in raising funds for bassetlaw Hospice – a cause very close to our hearts.

The day culminated in Mrs. Ward, Mr. Kelly and Miss. Marsh all being custard/cream pie’d.  Mr. Kelly fell off his chair!!  Keep an eye out for more photos.

6 thoughts on “Clown Day for Bassetlaw Hospice

  1. Didn’t we have the most amazing day? I have never heard so much laughter and seen so many happy, smiling faces in one day before! Langold Dyscarr is the best school EVER!!

  2. I was so proud to belong to a community where even the youngest members pull together like they did for the clown day, you were ALL amazing!!! And again for your clown walk, I proudly put my name and my children’s names to your school, what a fantastic way to remember somebody, to raise money and to have fun. I could not be prouder!! ((Yes that was me pipping and waving like a maniac!! Woop woop!!))

  3. P.S. I do reckon you could raise a fair bit of money at your summer fair by letting us grown ups have a go at custard pieing some teachers 😀

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